music has collapsed. Later, was introduced,

the planted a variety of fruit trees, cement placed in the woods on the table, put around 6-8 stools, eating several people at once for tea, farm music can be in the “5.12″ when opened. We have business to do business Mianzhu light to wage compliance Road Town is the second largest economy in the strong town of Mianzhu. The “first village hillside village tourism,” said the compliance Road Town Penghua Village to seasonal fruit-rich province known both inside and outside.LED signs

In the “5.12″ earthquake in the village can shed flowers received more than 10,000 while nearly 30 dining “Happy Farm” are forced to suspend the housing collapse. After nearly a year of reconstruction, where many farmers have re-opened welcoming music. The first re-opened the local “pottery house yard,” “fresh plum” and several farmers happy. Tianquan fresh fresh plum boss before the earthquake had been operated joy, his wife died in the earthquake, farm music has collapsed. Later, was introduced, embroidery digitizing

he married a woman with Meishan, and soon built a new house from the ruins, reopened last year from a farmer’s music. “We are busy every day, tourists come to eat every day line up, a table, one for lunch, 3-4 tables to arrange the guests, business is good enough, income-generating livelihoods could not finish.” Tianquan cheerful fresh that, if a few more open, he was not so tired. Farm boss music here, not afraid to grab their business counterparts. Several owners say exactly the same: there is business we do business is not the time to stay one or two people at home to business “possessor”, LED Writing Board

we go out for work. Embroidery flower girl embroidery paintings hold the shelf in the shed village village on the theme, embroidered women’s Xiu Fang Zhong Ying, is to attract foreign visitors the most beautiful scenery. Chung Ying in the hands, a thin needle with a yellow silk cited in the stretch in the central white silk flower on a camel dancing fill the gap. LED Message Board

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next five years, the Youngor Group Holdings Ltd. will jointly

The line from the Younger and should jointly invested 200 million yuan and Technology Division established Hemp Industry Investment Holding Co. According to reports, hemp body is a treasure, has developed the textile, chemical, food, health care, pharmaceuticals, new building materials and the military have more than 3000 kinds of products is an important strategic resource for sustainable development in line with modern ” environmental, ecological, green, security, health care and renewable, business signs

“the concept of consumption. In the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Youngor Group Chairman Li Rucheng said that the Group will be around this year’s National Day in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo opened five stores of hemp products, the product extends to clothing, home textiles, Stationery and other fields; and Expo 2010 show during the application of the results. Currently, hemp has a vertical mode of operation of the industrial chain, ie to establish their own base of hemp farming, vector artwork

based on the establishment of fiber processing plants. Business strategy in the next five years, the Youngor Group Holdings Ltd. will jointly hemp 5-8 in the establishment of base and production base of raw materials based on the re-introduction of a number of high value-added, high-tech products, the Chinese hemp fiber into cotton, wool, silk parallel mainstream products, improve ties with industry, agriculture, industry and trade integrated enterprise business model, to create high-quality hemp industry supply chain. embroidery digitizing

May 7, Road Town, Mianzhu compliance Penghua Village, 45-year-old in their own Yuan Ba Zhong Yuncheng in to do one of the steel mold flat on the ground, the sand, cement and steel poured to form a solid square concrete slabs. “2 days later, the cement board on the solidification, and then paste the tiles on the surface, on the Yuanba, the stand a 1-meter-high concrete pillar, that make a table.” Zhong Yuncheng the Yuanba, embroidery designs

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Silk Garden in the official said

Silk Garden in the official said, and their adoption of Fair Park, the largest silk culture industry platform in the earthquake survivors Qiang embroidery, will move toward the country to the world. At the same time, through the promotion of “Qiang Embroidery” and let Qiang Embroidery industrialization to promote employment, stimulate local economic development, to make a real contribution to the reconstruction.from the Yi embroidery works Chuxiong flourished as a venue. LED signs

Yi Ethnic embroidery embroidery as an art by many domestic and foreign buyers welcomed. The exhibition booth of Yi embroidery handicraft goods, including clothing, footwear, accessories, Embroidery and other 12 categories, hundreds of species, only have 17 Series footwear designs, all hand embroidered by the Yi women made, colorful and beautiful patterns. Yi women did not describe embroidery pattern, a pattern embroidered directly on the fabric, like what what the embroidery. Yi woman symbolizes the beauty and ingenuity of the horse cherry, Yi totem of faith, “tiger”, the most important festival of Yi, “Torch Festival”, which are the subject of Yi embroidery. embroidery digitizing

Fabric clothes they make are very particular about, first called “Fire grass” plants spun into threads and then woven into homespun. Result from the cloth to the embroidery is hand made, Yi embroidered garments are not cheap. In its booth, a handwoven cloth embroidered vests prices as high as 2,000 yuan, also known as a “Zhendian treasure” of the Yi older women wear, allegedly 200 years of history, made with sisal woven fabric, embroidery skilled workers, 1.6 million out sky-high price. According to the general branch staff the booth Tsui introduced, they are Fair for the first time, hoping to find in the Yiwu market, can promote the Yi culture. LED Writing Board

Chuxiong Yi embroidery as the hometown of China, its Ryugo Yi prestigious embroidery, promo, once the 2010 World Expo to the framing.It seems that Li Yuchun is now learning embroidery Niang Li Yuchun was recently awarded the “Ambassador Shu embroidery cultural transmission”, even his own hands for a long scroll of nearly 100 meters of the Shu embroidery needle to open his own hands. Fresh baked her work, “Shu Embroidery” by, say the story is embroidered tan. Li Yuchun that can have a long history and pay homage to influence the lives of Shu embroidery was very honored and proud to own, hoping to make their influence to promote and develop culture of Shu embroidery into the world more places.LED Message Board

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“As we Qiang most common sacrificial dance before

“As we Qiang most common sacrificial dance before, and now how many young people proficient in it?” Li Yan said the quake, many of the old master artists of traditional culture Qiang died, and suffered heavy losses. Want Qiang culture to the world in Yingxiu area, restaurants, shops all over, but few see the sale of handicrafts Qiang, Li Yan’s stall particularly conspicuous. Order a vegetable side in the Minjiang River, 76-year-old Qiang old woman said that her board room home in a modern display of all things; addition to the traditional festival Qiang, Qiang her dance, crafts, familiar with few. She said: “Now, my children wearing national costumes rarely go out.” “Qiang beautiful clothing designs, mostly hand signs

Less proficient in embroidery, and clothing were also less.” Li says. How she did not attend school, but that last year’s earthquake, with a rebirth of the Qiang culture. Because, after the earthquake, Wenchuan disaster areas such as the Qiang people, began to receive national and world attention, Qiang dance, embroidery and other non-material cultural heritage Qiang, never paid close attention as they are now. “Yangzhou people will like Marvelous it? How to sell now?” She has a desire to spread throughout the country is to Marvelous for Qiang culture to the world.Qiang “embroidered mother” show full of national characteristics of horns flower embroidery. vector artwork

Yesterday, 13:30, stir Shenzhen Baoan Airport, 11 Qiang costume “embroidered mother” in the airport lobby to greet them is the fifth in the wire branch venues Fair Park and the Shenzhen Charity work personnel. From that moment on, 11 Qiang “embroidered mother” With so Qiang embroidery into the Fair’s good wishes, the formal path Pengcheng “Love Tour.” 11 Qiang “embroidered mother” from Aba’s Wenchuan, Maoxian Li County and other places. Out of the airport, named Tian Xiaolan’s “embroidered mother” to the reporters took her horns Qiang embroidery works.embroidery digitizing

She told reporters that the Marvelous by Jet Li One Foundation Center Helping Aba Qiang customized women’s employment, Qiang embroidery by hand, they Qiang family several hundred dollars per month to 2,000 yuan will be ranging from returns, which become a major earthquake important local source of revenue for the Qiang people. The opening of the Fifth International Fair, the Silk Garden and the Jet Li One Foundation Center Helping the employment of women in Aba Qiang, Shenzhen Charity Association organized the “Qiang Embroidery Week”. In Fair Park, the main venue and sub-venue of silk, was invited to come Qiang “embroidered mother” who will live embroidery, art shows and other art forms, at home and abroad to display the “Marvelous” one of China’s intangible cultural heritage characteristics and essence.embroidery designs

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At first, the boss would call every day

At first, the boss would call every day to understand the situation. 24, Wu returned to the owner of the account exchange 1.4 million deposit. To 27, was to deliver, Wu rushed to contact the boss, but also how not contact the. Until April 30 did not contact, Wu realized that the boss may be a liar, he reported the matter. Currently, five Huagong An Investigation Branch have been involved in the case. Introduction police handling the case, Ms. Wu offers offshore account owner embroidered Square only 200 yuan, are now verifying the identity of the owner.100 days countdown to the Beijing Olympics on the occasion, the German Olympic Committee, 30, officially launched in Dusseldorf, the German delegation’s equipment. Taking into account elements of Chinese culture is its a big bright spot. German delegation to the Beijing Olympic Games, from about 450 athletes and 300 coaches and officials. LED signs

Equipment up to 63 delegates, including competition clothing, the opening ceremony dress, daily sportswear, casual, running shoes, sports shoes, shoes, sports equipment, luggage, etc., and even slippers. News came from the German Olympic Committee, the picture has learned that athletes participating Adidas apparel are available, some of them embroidered with Chinese dragon patterns; athletes everyday sportswear jackets in white with the black flag of Germany, Red, yellow, and some in the back with the Chinese words “German” character, with long black shorts; their daily casual wear gray-based, casual; delegation of men and women are different suits: a gray suit jacket men with white trousers, ladies casual jacket for the water red suit, with white trousers or skirts.embroidery digitizing

International Olympic Committee Vice-Chairman of the German Olympic Committee, attended the Bach equipment display that day in the ceremony, said that the German delegation and equipment to high standards, stylish and practical combination. Delegation of Germany, the German Olympic Committee, the Director-General Vesper, pointed out that the equipment fully into account the weather conditions in Beijing in August, the pursuit of feeling comfortably cool. Schedule in accordance with the German Olympic Committee, the Beijing Olympic Games will be the first German player roster announced in late May.LED Writing Board

The two spent two and half years old showing embroidered into the “hundreds of Olympic Fuwa” works. 100-day countdown to the Olympic Games a special day, Xianyang City, an old couple took two and a half has finally become a huge embroidered “Olympic Fuwa hundred” figure. The old couple named Yan YU Zhen, Zhao Suqin, this year with 68 years of age. The end of 2005, two elderly retirement home for the Beijing Olympic Games decided to do whatever things that are good at using their own piece of embroidery craft embroidery works celebrate the Olympics. LED Message Board

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the door seals have been mutilated

Intern Disadvantage / door seals were taken tore Square embroidered embroidered Square has a number of ocean-going media advertised to attract huge manual costs more than 1,000 people who love their hand-embroidered cross stitch embroidery. Place the embroidered embroidered mother to pay a deposit of 400 yuan to receive the necessary materials, the date of delivery within the embroidered product embroidered handed Square, you can get back the deposit, and receive a manual fee. Cross stitch hand fee based on size and difficulty level of 800 yuan respectively to 1.6 thousand dollars. At 11:00 on May 1st or so, reporters came to the door ocean embroidered Square, saw the embroidered Square door shut on the door seals have been mutilated. 15 minutes to come to a more than 20, are holding their own embroidered cross stitch. “Painting” “Temptation” “long hair” … … a couple of embroidered mother side to show their beautiful works of art, while another inquiring embroidered Square the relevant circumstances. 10 million ducks and drakes, please embroidery came from the stone screen of Miss Ho has been quietly on the side, according to its introduction, her school computer in Kunming Embroidery Square Ocean saw the ad, to pick up the first piece of cross stitch “Qingming Festival” of the material, paid a 400 yuan deposit, agreed to June 30 this year, delivery, manual costs 1.6 yuan. Soon after, she went back to the home screen stone has been no looking for work, cross stitch embroidery at home all day. business signs

March 8 this year, again led the second picture “long hair” materials, manual costs 1,000 yuan. “Some time ago called and said, beginning April 21 receiving, 20, 27, called and said change to be called, said yesterday at the police station. This morning to call the boss say run, so come to write a report material . “Miss Ho said very reluctantly,” Well, finally embroidery for this work did not find, how to do later? “the biggest loss of anonymity is a woman, she carefully cross-stitch done in this industry understanding that there should be huge profits for export, so that ocean-going hand-embroidered Square to the charges there credibility.vector artwork

Embroidery Workshop in Kunming to compare a number, she selected the ocean embroidered Square. “I’m here to get the manual also has a fee, and later on has got 100 pieces, paid a deposit of nearly 5 million. I go back is to find embroidered collar workers to embroidery, and now more than the loss of the deposit, I The embroidery alone owes more than 10 million cost. “the woman angry, anxious, could not shaking the hand holding stitch. Staff are also the victims the day before yesterday embroidered Square, a few embroidered mother had embroidered Square staff contacted Ms. Wu. Yesterday morning, Ms. Wu’s phone has been prompt “can not be connected”, which is exacerbated by the embroidered mother’s worry. Approaching 12, an embroidered mother suddenly Ms. embroidery digitizing

Wu received a phone call about her road to the building entrance to meet the cinema. Journalists and the woman came to the appointed place, but still have not seen Ms. Wu. Anxiously, the Wu telephoned again to go to the police station gate Wenlin her. 12:30 or so, Ms. Wu was finally coming out, originally gathered in front of embroidered ladies Xiufang to drive over. “I do not know the boss is not a liar, I see to the delivery date, and always can not contact her, and why they reported the matter.” According to Wu describes, she would have been brought alive from the Square to do embroidery embroidered mother, and later the boss to pay 1,200 yuan a month, please go to workers. Ms. Wu said that after they collected the deposit transferred to the owner in time, she was not to hit the bank account. April 20 or so, the boss said to go to Taiwan to play, the way customers access over the receipt. embroidery designs

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Jingzhi love, pain and the pity of, sad its ill-fated

The reason he seems to speak for the arts in terms of embroidery, but then people’s daily life and art is also very enlightening. Performing arts play a breakthrough male and female Chung-Han Lee (played by Ming-Chuan), Qin Lan (played by Orchid) is a popular youth idol star. Chung-Han Lee in the first half of play in the polite, gentle, with the latter part of the Koo family property for lack of rebellious, there is a huge contrast, a strong personality contrast, performance breakthroughs.LED signs

Qin Lan Orchid grasp the nature of the heroine, not only embodies the origin at the tofu shop graciousness of others Xiaojiabiyu good, and hints that genetic factors contribute to the all Young Lady’s elegant and moving, the audience Jingzhi love, pain and the pity of, sad its ill-fated, respect their moral character.The 18 kinds of fabrics, 2008 cloth, embroidery digitizing

made from an area of 271.5 square meters large jigsaw puzzle, two days ago, Qiqihar Jiang Zhongyuan aunt took out his own specially prepared one year countdown to the Beijing Olympics a gift. I saw this piece of cloth length 18.1 meters large, ide and 15 meters above the ground patchwork embroidered dragons, stars, flowers, Great Wall, rings, Fuwa Beijing Olympic Games emblem of Beijing and other word patterns. LED Writing Board

Jiang aunt said that each of the above patterns have a lot of stress, 2008 flower, symbol of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; 56 stars, representing 56 nationalities. Dragon, a symbol of the rapid development of China. Jiang Zhongyuan: I just want to make something for the Beijing Olympic Games, to do its part aunt said, that piece of Olympic puzzle she prepared more than 5 years now, she was ready to let local people to sign the piece of a large puzzle pictures, to go to Beijing when the Olympic Games. LED Message Board

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Square, their art, the plot due to people, and Yiyi been

embroidered woman to be elected when the palace, to the Republic of China since the embroidery on fine arts, Grandpa finally completed last wish, to ancestral treasure map “Rui Map” embroidered into the boutique, the Expo exhibition, won a gold medal. She’s kind generosity, loyalty and perseverance, diligence and display the Chinese traditional virtues and southern women embroidered delicate woman calmly, business signs

perfectly demonstrated in the turbulent times we feminist and Xiaojiabiyu character set in a women’s self-improvement, eventually The percent of the character, has a strong motivational significance. The needle color embroidered with philosophical drama through the arts in the grinding, the needle, color, color matching technology, operation description, from time to time permeated with insights on life and philosophy of life, vector artwork

so that the play shows great foresight. Royal palace in embroidered, Orchid Square, their art, the plot due to people, and Yiyi been the struggle for Block Captain Koo embroidered pure garden penalties, two were stopped as embroidered work, outside the grinding. A few days later, when Yiyi was called back embroidered pure Park Square,embroidery digitizing

but still ordered to continue grinding Orchid, she was very flat. Pure Park, holding that she wear the pin: pin body evenly, tip negative, when the impatient and grinding, which can not even sit on embroidered table to make a good embroidery. Words to enhance the quality of the embroidery, rich emotional life and philosophy of life, so that Orchid has greatly benefited, but also touched a chord in the audience. Gu Gu Xianzhi loose in their garden to teach children arts embroidery, they repeatedly pointed out, the needle to change the color to be innovative in order to embroider a masterpiece. embroidery designs

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Second, pay attention to maintaining environmental

Second, pay attention to maintaining environmental hygiene to prevent dust from entering the control box. Third, to reduce moisture and dust in the air. Fourth, to prevent the temperature is too high or too low, the temperature is too high or too low, easy to damage equipment. Fifth, can not be a water container on the machine table, so that water flows into the control box. VI, dust to be unplug the power cord to ensure safety of personnel. VII, unplug the power cord, before the switch off, then close the master switch, so as not to burn the interface components. As long as the work of carefully prepared, computer sewing machine will obediently listen to your words need to complete your request.computerized embroidery machine embroidery machine, also known as computerized embroidery machine in China and the global market continues to grow, resulting in domestic computer embroidery machine industry is developing rapidly. LED signs

According to the relevant predicted that China’s market demand for computerized embroidery machine is expected from 3-6 million units in 2004 to grow to 7 million units in 2010, at the same time, global demand will be computerized embroidery machine 6, 2004 million / year in 2010 increased to 10 million / year, annual sales reached 100 billion yuan. In the strong demand driven, as the core of computer embroidery machine parts – computer embroidery machine control system has entered a rapid development cycle, there have been many related products for domestic and foreign brands, the market for computer embroidery machine manufacturer choice of products a lot. However, computerized embroidery machine is a mechanical and electrical integration of the product, which is different from a simple machine, computer embroidery machine manufacturer in the choice of control system design and product support, consider more problems, in addition to the quality control system itself consideration must also consider the control system and other components compatible with other aspects of mechanical and electrical problems. embroidery digitizing

The following publication on the basis of some common problems are summarized for reference. Electrical and computer control system co-ordination is based on the specific type of computer embroidery machine design and application, and therefore, computer embroidery electrical control system of the machine difficult to adapt to changes in the mechanical structure of all control requirements. Users in order, it should be explicitly required. Peripheral computerized embroidery machine is in matching the computer system by controlling the external implementing agencies (such as motors, solenoids, etc.) to drive the embroidery machine action sports.LED Writing Board

Therefore, the matching relation between mechanical and electrical direct impact on the performance of machine computerized embroidery machine, function indicators. 1, and the embroidery frame embroidery frame stepper motor driven weight, inertia and the stepper motor to the output torque and torque-frequency characteristic to match. The indicators are much larger than the motor-driven embroidery frame it needs, will result in unnecessary waste and increase the volume. Conversely, if the stepper motor driver shortage, will result in synchronized movements, and motor overheating, noise increases, reduced life and other issues. LED Message Board

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With the advent of the information age

With the advent of the information age, the computer more and more impact on the old sewing machine purely mechanical device, maintenance personnel and more and more urgent need to understand and master the equipment maintenance and maintenance of this new technology. In this regard, companies are deeply disturbed, maintenance staff anxious Lost Souls, the author is also a mechanic, which also has strong feelings, especially for nearly 10 years in the computer sewing equipment maintenance and maintenance of more mature experience, skills, and knowledge of a text compiled for reference only. business signs

Ensure the normal operation of the premise of a good use of the environment (a) computer sewing machine reasonable working environment, first of all do not have a strong voice or high-frequency electric welding devices where burning installation of equipment, power equipment, power will affect the sound or cause the device not working properly. (B) of the plant should be kept indoor temperature preferably 5 ~ 35 , the temperature is too high or too low will affect the normal operation of equipment. (C) moisture may cause the machine short-circuit, the relative humidity should be maintained at 45 ~ 85% better, not water vapor and sewing equipment installation together. (D) dust susceptible to corrosion circuit board, so the equipment should be kept clean, the workshop is also to keep clean. (E) must use the power supply (Power Supply Bureau, or mounted regulator), with ground features (such as power supply must be cut off.) If you must strictly prohibited in the three-phase 380V three-phase four-wire FireWire FireWire took a ride, then take a zero line as the 220V power supply, computer sewing machine as the power cord, so that accidents are often caused by equipment failure such as frequent or crashes (mainly the voltage is too high or too low causes.) Maintenance personnel often do not pay attention to that, and tried to adjust the equipment, resulting in many unnecessary troubles, in fact, just a stable power supply, the device immediately return to normal. (F) any computer sewing equipment must be maintained at the rated voltage of power supply bureau under the condition of not more than 10%, is too large or less will affect the device is not working, but the power supply must be greater than the required power sewing machine. (Vii) the machine should avoid direct exposure to the sun shines outside, the light generated in the machine head burn easily monitor temperature, light on the rack easy to burn out the chip within the host, causing a major accident, so the sun can be according to The workshop came to be Tiananmen Square, curtains. (Viii) the weather should turn off the power of lightning, because lightning will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment. Second, the proper use of computers to develop the habit of sewing equipment (a) of the boot sequence: peripheral (power switch) – Monitors – host. (B) of the shutdown sequence: Host – Monitors – Peripherals. (C) Do not switch frequently, otherwise the current impact of the hardware is easy, the computer suddenly shut down hours of work, easy to damage the computer. (D) off all running programs be shut down when the start switch, then the normal order of withdrawal, or easy to damage the system can not start. Third, the supply of hardware and software conditions (a) is turned on, the operator should observe the equipment self-examination situation, self-examination and when not to touch the computer (host). (B) click on the device’s various systems view the device operation. vector artwork

Basic care and maintenance of hardware one board anti-static, electrostatic energy burned chip. Static tens of thousands of volts to the body more than ten million volts, live access to computers, the breakdown of any chips, air-drying wool or synthetic clothing can cause static electricity, note that static electricity, do not touch the host. Second, CPU CPU more than the daily maintenance of Ig, the heat problem will lead to computer hardware failure, system crash, CPU burned in more than a certain humidity will automatically sleep, the device can not start. (A) of the heat: to ensure that the fan inside the machine running well, frequent crashes if found, immediately shut down, check the fan is running. (B) of the earthquake: the movement of equipment, movement and resonance fan, the fan is easy to wear. (C) Decompression: ensure adequate ventilation, the pressure to reduce the CPU core. (D) place to live: to ensure stable power supply, we will not have accidents. (E) dust: dust removal machine, to prevent short circuit board. (F) from diagnosis: abnormal sound equipment, frequent crashes, smell, always pay attention to the operation of computer accessories, is prohibited in the crash state for a long time to maintain power, inspection equipment sound is normal. embroidery digitizing

Sewing a computer operator to use sewing equipment, must accept the safety and operation training, only on the machine, to ensure safe operation of equipment and proper use. Second, the boot device should be installed before all safety devices, or may result in injury incidents, therefore, the safety of others to you, do not dismantle the safety device. Third, equipment use, do not touch any part of or to any object starting pressure on the machine, otherwise the operation may cause damage to personnel or the equipment itself. Fourth, if the device with automatic presser foot lever, do not touch the part of the electromagnetic coil, or may cause fire. Cleaning, maintenance and repair one to turn off the switch before cleaning, or if the switch is pressed accidentally, the machine will immediately start and cause injury. embroidery designs

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